Far & Beyond

Traveller Tips & Gear

When venturing on one of our tours, you will experience a true African adventure. Depending on the tour package that you wish to undertake you may need to keep the following in mind.

For 4×4 guided tours you may need:

  • Tent, Chair, Bedding (sleeping bags stretcher etc),  mug or glass, small bowl or collapsible wash basin
  • Sunglasses, hat & sun block
  • Clothing for any condition as it can be very hot and very cold on the same day
  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, tooth paste, towels etc.)
  • Prescription medicine (if applicable)
  • Snacks & refreshments (alcoholic beverage, cool drinks etc.)
  • Lighting for your tent, torch & batteries
  • Video & stills camera extra batteries etc. (you are going to take a lot of footage & pictures)

Spares & essential items to be carried by each vehicle:

  • Tyre pressure gauge & tyre repair kit.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Refuse bags (enough for all your refuse for 4 days).
  • Brake fluid, Gear oil, Engine oil, Spare fuses, Spare V- Belt set.
  • Fuel to cover the +– 650 km driving in thick sand  (estimated consumption for larger petrol engine vehicles +-3km /l and diesel engine vehicles +/-4.5 km liter).
  • Recovery points on front and rear of vehicle.
  • Working lighter plug socket to plug in 29 mhz radio.
  • Large bag firewood / charcoal.
  • Spade.
  • 60 liters water.
  • 12V Fridge or cool boxes to keep your beverages cool.


  • Hi lift Jack
  • Extra spare wheel (no 6).

Please Note:

  • Most of the trip will consist of heavy 4×4 sand driving and high flotation tyres are recommended.
  • We can also assist with rental of 4×4 vehicles and camping equipment.
  • All equipment and luggage must be strapped in and securely fastened

Travel insurance and medical evacuation
In case of a medical emergency we will assist with your medical evacuation. You need your own travel insurance and medical evacuation services in case medical emergency or accident. Please send us a copy of this information that we know whom to contact in case of an emergency.