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Welcome to the official website of Far & Beyond Tours and Safaris! Take a moment to read up on our various tour packages and view some of the most stunning imagery from the breathtaking and unspoiled beauty the Namibian landscapes have to offer.

Far & Beyond provides the ideal adventure for visitors to the country, photographers, naturists and anyone who has the desire to experience the true Namibian flavours, scenery and culture. Come and discover and explore the harsh and unforgiving forbidden Coast (Sperrgebied) with its echoes of the diamond rush, the mesmerizing ridges of Damaraland, the big five of the animal kingdom, the ancient Himba tribe and the hunting skills of the San people.

We offer guided tours and self-drive guided tour safaris. Tours can also be arranged to suit your wishes and needs. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to come and experience Namibia first hand. more

What our Visitors said

hi Tim,
so many thanks for our amazing tour in Namibia. Deadvlei's magic at sunset, the ever-changing colors of the endless plains, the wildlife, the dunes,..... these memories will never be erased.
because of your professionalisme and the perfect organisation that also left room for last-minute ideas I wholeheartedly recommend Far&Beyond to anyone who wants to get to know Namibia off the beaten tracks.
Tim, discovering Namibia with you is a privilege - grazie mille for that -Patricia


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Wow! This is a good-looking site. Namibia looks like a great getaway destination!

John Harris

I agree100%. Namibia is a stunning place. We visited the country two years ago, and vowed to return. The people are friendly, the animals in the photos all very real and the countryside is so clean!


This is a lovely site from a lovely country. And well done, Tim on making such wonderful adventures available to people.


Amazing website ! I’ve just shared it on the social networks.

Jerome Goonen

Love the look of this website! Well done on a fresh and professional publication.

Willie Moller

Dear Tim,
We are now at home with a lot of pictures in our eyes in our memory from our amazing travel with your company in Namibia. Thanks for this wonderfull discovery of this beautifull country and for all what you do for us to enjoy this lovely land. It’s for always a great memory for us. Thanks a lot !!
Kinds regards,
Jean-Louis and Régine SNYERS (Belgium)

Jean-Louis and Régine SNYERS

Photo Gallery