Far & Beyond


Kaokoland is located in the Kunene region and home to the Himba people. This tribe are a proud semi-nomadic people who have kept their ethnic individuality and culture in the seclusion of Kaokoland, living peacefully with the desert Elephant in this arid yet breathtaking region.

The Himbas still live and dress according to ancient customs and traditions, and they trek from one watering place to the next. With the Tjimba and other Herero people who inhabit Kaokoland, the traditional name of Namibia’s remote northern-western Kunene region, they are informally referred to as the Kaokovelders. The Himba live in scattered settlements throughout the region.  Their homes are simple coned-shaped structures made of saplings bound together with palm leaves and plastered with mud and dung. The Himba are tall, slender and statuesque people, renowned for their beauty and photogenic qualities.

It’s a remarkably unchanged world, and without question one of the most remote regions of Southern Africa. Coffee, tobacco and sugar are often exchanged by visitors for the leatherwork, jewellery and pottery of the Himba, many of whom are turning away from a life of herding livestock and battling the elements and maurading lions.

The Kunene is one of the last truly wild regions of Africa, with a diversity of wildlife including desert elephants and rugged landscapes.

Kaokoland Lodge and Camping Tour

Day 1 – Grootberg Lodge
Day 2 – Palmwag Concession
Day 3 – Hoanib camping
Day 4 – Okahirongo Lodge or Purros camping
Day 5 – Okahirongo Lodge or  Purros Camping
Day 6 – Khowarib Lodge.

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